Drift away as warm scented towels envelop your senses.

Unwind as the deep cleansing massage moves from your neck and shoulders up to your face.

Uplift your senses through the divine scent of product as they cleanse your skin.

Look radiant by finishing your treatment with a light application of makeup.

Taste herbal tea and chocolate as you gather yourself in our relaxation room.

Boost your skin & lift your soul.

Our trained therapist will explore your needs during the consultation, to ensure they individually tailor the facial to suit your skin type, condition and needs. Prescribing the appropriate Facial and home care to restore, replenish and revitalise.

The Experience

65 mins $148

A deep cleansing massage moves from your neck and shoulders up to your face to relax your whole essence. Premium treatment ampoules boost, strengthens and hydrates your skin while premium treatment mask regains radiance, restores youth and vitality, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Your skin is revitalised, invigorated and refreshed, revealing your inner beauty.

Facial Recharge

50 mins $100

With warm towels, a deep cleanse, relaxing face and hand massage and a cream mask, your face will feel rejuvenated and your spirit recharged.

Hot Stone Facial

60 mins $135

A divine facial, using the warmth of Hot Stones to infuse the luxurious, hydrating products into your skin. For more details see our Hot Stone menu.

Image Cosmeceutical Facial Peels

$75 each treatment

The wonderful combination of aloe vera, papaya green tea and vitamin C, these facial peels will effectively treat wrinkles, blemishes and uneven skin pigmentation, restoring youth and allow you to ‘age later’. Ask our trained therapist about which of the many types of intense peels would be suitable for your skin. These treatments can be performed as a one off deep cleansing treatment or a series of 4 to 6 over a period of time with home care will give you the best care possible for your skin. Our therapist are thoroughly trained in this treatment so will be able to advise you which would be the best for you.


Image salon peeling product

Organic Facial

40 mins $80

We invite you to discover the richly hydrating formulations of Pure Fiji pure organics. Enhancing your skin to function naturally. Soothing Facial to balance and hydrate the skin, leaving the skin refined and fresh looking. Great pick me up for dry holiday skin.

Home Treatments

Using home care will ensure you continue to get the best from your treatment. Your therapist is trained to give you the best care and advise possible.
If you have any concerns with your skin please talk to one of us, we love showing off our training.
No matter what your age we can always help.