Groom The Face

A must for men who’s face is their business.

Decongest and strengthen your skin with any of these premium Image treatment.

Warm scented towels and enriched products are applied to your face to exfoliate, deeply cleanse, and intensely moisturise.  Leave your face in your therapist hands, she will know what to do!

The Executive

Kickback & Relax

$148 65 mins

The Soothe

Great for sensive skins

$100 45 Mins

The Time

A Quick Recharge

$65 30 Mins

Groom The Body

Your therapist will massage the back of your legs while the combination of the special clay and warm paraffin is working ‘magic’ on tight strained muscles and body tissue in your back.  After a back Massage your muscles will feel recharged, your body smooth, soft and relaxed.

The Muscle Recharge

A Sportsmans Dream

$135 60 mins

The Sportsmans Dream

Add a Head, Neck, Shoulder & Arm Massage to the Muscle Recharge

$150 75 mins