Our hands and feet deserve some reward for all we put them through. Allow your nails to being the centre of attention, at our dedicated Nail Bar, where you can choose from a whole menu of nail treats from a simple polish to callus peels, paraffin dips and gel nail polish.

Manicure Or Pedicure

Mini Mani or Pedi

File, Buff & Polish

$28 20 mins

Express Mani or Pedi

File, buff, cuticle work, hot towels, lotion application, polish

$38 30 min

Deluxe Mani or Pedi

Soak, exfoliate, file, buff, cuticle work, hot towels,massage

$70 60 min

Callus Foot Retreat

If you're looking to get rid of those dry, cracked heels, this is the treat for you. File, buff, cuticles pushed back, callus peel mask, hot towels, lotion, polish

$65 45 min

Indulge Feet Retreat

Soak, exfoliation, nails filed and buffed, cuticle work, callus peel, paraffin dip, massage, hot towel, polish

$135 75 min

Callus Peel

Softening of the skin allows for easy removal of any hard, callused skin. Buffing of the foot removes any residue dry skin; your treatment is completed is completed by the application of a moisturising cream.

$45 45 min

Gel Long-lasting Polish

Thanks to the quick-dry formula of Gel, no more sitting around waiting the the polish to dry.  Gel polish lasts four times longer than normal polish. That means you’ll have weeks to enjoy your beautiful nails,  if you play your cards right.

Gel Off & On

Removal, reapplication & cuticle work

$50 40 mins

Gel Polish Application

File, buff , application

$35 30 mins

Gels Off


$20 15 mins

French Gel Polish

With gel mani/pedi



Polish Application


Nail Polish Removal


Gels Added To Treatment


Parafin Dip