Our stones are charged with the energy and soul of the area. Chosen for their size, weight and smoothness, they are oiled and warmed to ensure complete comfort and true relaxation for your body and mind.

Hot Stone Massage

The placement of warm stones down your spine, chest, abdomen, between your toes and in each hand ensures instant relaxation as the warmth seeps into your body. Warm oil deepens the relaxation as the hot stones glide over your body. Your therapist will expertly ease you back to reality with the use of cool, smooth stones on the face, neck and shoulders.

Body & Soul Indulge

This is our signature treatment. If you want it all, this is the treat for you!

Combine the Hot Stone Treat with the Hot Stone Facial and you have our signature treatment, The Body & Soul Indulge. A special facial which uses the warmth of Hot Stones to infuse hydrating products into your skin. This combined with Hot Stones gliding across your body in long flowing strokes, will leave every inch of you warm and relaxed. A herbal tea in our relaxation room helps ease you back to reality.

The perfect gift for him & her

The Body & Soul Indulge

2 hrs 15 min


Hot Stone Massage

90 min


Hot Stone Massage

60 min


Hot Stone Facial

60 mins


This intensely hydrating treatment warms the soul as along with a cleansing facial treatment the smooth warm stones glide across your face infusing the hydrating facial products that have been specially chosen for you and your skin.