If your world has been rocked by the earth quakes, a loss of a friend or family member, or you are just having a hard time being able to settle into your skin, either of these treatments will assist you to find inner piece and a way to deal with all that is not right in your world

The Connection

Make the connection with your soul energy through combining Soul Healing and Hypnotherapy. In this treatment you will learn to recognise the signs of being pushed out of your soul energy and how to clear any negative energy that is around you. This session can be performed as a group or as a one on one treatment.

Please phone and discuss your options with our wonderful receptionist or ask to speak with Belinda.

Soul Healing


Healing is the most wonderful form of relaxation. The goal of Healing is to empower you by clearing, aligning and balancing the energy system, to unite all levels; body, emotion, mind and spirit. By teaching you how to stand in your light (or power) this will enable feelings of relaxation and empowerment within and encourages you to be all that you can be.



Hypnotherapy is a shortcut to the subconscious mind, creating a heightened sense of awareness similar to meditation.

During this state we are able to change a negative perception into a positive one, thus changing “Bad habits” into “Good habits”. Reprogramming the mind through words, while in this relaxed state, is a powerful process to quickly transform negative thoughts allowing you to take control of any given situation.

NOTE: Hypnotherapy and Healing times may vary according to individual treatments.